Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Summer time 2013

I didn't think this summer will be so great!  I still don't get it, even though I asked myself this question like a hundred times - How is it possible that when you do not have any expectations the best things happen to you? 

Heineken Festival in Gdynia

*First part of my holidays*

Me and my best friend Hanna spent two weeks in Barcelona: in the first week we were sightseeing and I went to a local school called SpeakEasy to learn spanish. However during the second week our friend Karolina joined us and you can only imagine how awesome it was.

First week:
We arrived on Friday's evening to our rented apartment and on the same night we went out. We usually came back at 5 am when the metro was reopened. It was sooo hard for me to get up at 7 am to be on time for Spanish classes. Hanna though could sleep...

Park Güell
The best ice cream ever!
We were mostly cooking our own meals, however we had this favourite restaurant called 'Gusto' and seriously they had the best pizza I have ever tried. Hanna and I love cooking, so we took lots of photos of food. 

Second week:
Passeig de Gràcia

I think that the night when Karolina arrived was the best one. Not only because there were three of us but also we met some Burberry models!! *I don't know how is it possible but we came back home at 10 am...*

Johnny George and Cara Delevingne
Coke Live Music Festival

I spent my birthday (9th of August) on a concert of my favourite band with all of my best friends. The perfect combination.
Best Friends <3


Beautiful sunrise with friends in the capital.

And finally breakfast after the sunrise.